About Flatpick Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons Free Sample Videos Dennis Hartman Leaning Forward Strumming C Chord

About Flatpick and Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons Free Sample Videos


A New BeginningI started playing the guitar in the early 1980’s, but I didn’t really progress on the instrument.  Then I discovered Mississippi John Hurt.  Hurt’s music had a profound influence on me.  It made me pick up my guitar.  I learned to play fingerstyle blues with an alternating bass pattern in the John Hurt style.  By adapting my fingerstyle guitar arrangements to fit with this style, my music became a tribute to John Hurt’s influence.

My Progression: Later on, I discovered other artists like Merle Watson, Stefan Grossman, Etta Baker, Elizabeth Cotton and Mance Lipscomb.  The music of these artists also left its mark on me. I began to soak up their influence, and I added elements of their style into my playing.  Soon, I found myself playing licks by Merle Watson, Elizabeth Cotten chord arrangements, or a phrases like Etta Baker. 

From Fingerstyle To Flatpicking: Then I became interested in bluegrass, old time fiddle music and flatpicking. I listened to great flatpick guitar players like Maybelle Carter, George Shuffler, Doc Watson, Norman Blake and Tony Rice.  While learning to play flatpick bass runs, I experimented with crosspicking, and even learned to play fiddle tunes!

About Flatpick and Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons Free Sample Videos


Lessons Goal

In my lessons, I try to teach you the basics.  I believe it’s important to develop a good foundation for learning the guitar.  


For flatpicking, I like to start off with strum patterns you can adapt to any song.  We’ll look at the major and minor chords and play them in songs.  Then we’ll explore alternate bass patterns, transitions and runs.  I’ll show you how to combine chords and leads into Carter style rhythms.  We’ll try basic crosspicking and then combine it with chords and songs.  Then we’ll learn techniques for playing fiddle tunes on the guitar.


For Fingerstyle, I’ll teach you alternate bass patterns, transitions and runs.  We’ll explore various fingerstyle rolls and adapt them to songs.  I’ll discuss right hand techniques and explain differences between John Hurt, Elizabeth Cotton, Etta Baker and Mance Lipscomb’s styles.  Then we’ll get to my favorite part of the lessons: I’ll teach you my favorite Mississippi John Hurt songs!  We’ll discuss how to use alternate bass and finger rolls to play any song in the John Hurt style.

Are These Lessons For You?

Just imagine we are sitting on the front porch and I am picking with you. We stop for a moment, and I show you how to play a riff, lick or strum pattern you just asked about. You learn from watching me play it.  Then you take it to a jam or teach it to someone else. Just think about how many different flavorings we can add to spice up our guitar playing. From fingerpicking a few old blues tunes to flatpicking bluegrass and old time fiddle tunes, you never know what you’ll find here. I hope you will stick around for the experience and come along with me on this great guitar journey…  

Please click on the following link to view my Guitar Lessons page.

On these pages you find sample lessons and tabs, songs and downloadable links to complete lessons.


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